Our Pastor

Pastor Mary Hendrickson

Our Pastor

Welcome to Mission Covenant Church!  I have the privilege of pastoring a congregation passionate about serving the community around them.  They also are welcoming to newcomers and loving to those who enter our doors.  I came to the church from the Pacific Northwest, and have fallen in love with the church and its people.  My background in community service, leadership development, discipleship and spiritual formation is a wonderful match with a congregation desiring all of these.  I also have a strong music background, which helps in developing vibrant, meaningful worship experiences.

If you have been searching for a church home, give Mission Covenant a try. If you are in need of emotional and/or spiritual support, don’t hesitate to leave me a message at the church, and I will reach out to you to help however I can.  

I myself have gone through a lot of relational and even physical challenges over my lifetime, and I know that it is through the Spirit of Christ and the love and caring of the people God sent

into my life, that I have come through those times more deeply in love with Jesus than ever before.

If you are lonely, discouraged, isolated, have questions about faith, or just need a listening ear, know that you are welcome at Mission Covenant.  Oh, and lest I forget, we have a fabulous and lively children’s ministry, a meaningful men’s ministry, and are just in the process of forming a youth program as well.  

Come and join us—anytime!

Blessings in Christ,
Pastor Mary