Mission Covenant Church

Our Location

Mission Covenant is a Christian church, which means we believe in Jesus Christ and try to follow the example of life He set for us. Jesus is God’s Son who came to earth to be our Savior through His life, death and resurrection. He died on the cross, taking our sin on Himself, accepting the punishment we deserve and setting us free.

Orange is a small city (about 7500 people)  in the north central part of Massachusetts. Town of Orange.

We are surrounded by hills, forests and lakes, with a lovely small river, The Miller’s River, flowing through town.  About half of our congregation lives in the country around Orange, so we are truly a “Town and Country” ministry.  Neither Orange nor our church are exactly on easy street  -- but we care a lot about each other and the town herself, we’re rich in faith and in friends, pretensions are low, and friendship is high.  All four seasons are beautiful and distinct, and winter doesn’t kill us.  Tries sometimes, but doesn’t actually kill us.

53 Pleasant Street, Orange, ma 01364