July 12, 2020

07-12-20 Sunday Worship (Click To View)

July 12 Worship Service

I miss you all; do you know that? Phone calls are not my favorite ways to communicate, and I am not great at cards either. However, I LOVE seeing you in person! This coming week I will be calling most of you and asking to set up a time for me to stop by just to say "hi." Of course I will only do that if it's ok with you! I promise to wear my mask and to stay outside at a distance. I hope to see you!

This week's worship contains covers of praise songs rather than our praise team, so I won't be posting lyrics as they are on the videos. Ken and Judy Johnson are on a well-deserved vacation. Also, please be in prayer for our Ministry Teams and leaders. We are meeting to develop some innovative and fun things for us to do, even as we are not yet gathering in person to worship on Sundays. You will hear more in a couple of weeks after the Leadership Team meets on the 25th. Have a great week and keep cool!


Pastor Mary

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