Sign Up For our 3rd Annual Walk/Run for Water

Hi guys!!

Technology is great!! I am learning how to utilize it better this year!! You are getting this since next week is our 3rd Annual Walk/Run for Water and I am hoping you will join us next Saturday for the event….or at least donate to it!! There, my shameless ask for support is out!

We had 17 people the first year, 56 the second year and are hoping for 100 this year!!

All the money raised goes to providing a well for a child in Africa. This year it is Esther we walk and run for since Cheru got her well last year after our walk!!! How AWESOME!

Kids, and adults for that matter too, walk 6K (3.7miles) one way for clean water daily to drink, cook and bathe. We can help get wells dug so they don’t have to make this journey. Why is that important? Because if they are not walking they can do things like stay in school, achieve better health, have a better life overall. Imagine if you had to walk that far once a day before going to work or school, just to be able to be clean and eat without getting sick.

For us in Orange that is walking from downtown to Mahar and back, carrying the water with us!! I have done that when I lived in Africa-from my house to the pump stand in my town- and carrying water on your head or even in a bucket is not easy!! I did not even have that far to go- for me it was about 2 city blocks from my home, but it still was a walk for water since none of the homes in my village had indoor plumbing.

Please join us, or support us financially, no amount is too small. If you are not able, then pass this email along to someone else who might be able to help us reach our goals

Thanks again and here’s to a bigger and better 3rd year!–Peace, Mercedes